Tuesday, 28 June 2016

Reworking the Dragon Man: Face and Feet

  Looking to get back into creature modeling so I'm making some tweaks to my Mudbox model to try a more convincing design. One of the largest changes I'd say is with the head. As this creature is a flier I had taken to the idea of adding a few avian qualities to the head to make it more streamlined and aerodynamic. 

I might add nails to the hands, but their design will be slightly different to the talons on the foot due to slight differences in geometric complexity. But this is something that will be sorted out during that construction. The current design of the foot came with a fair deal of research into the feet of birds and therapod dinosaurs, while also considering how the hands are arranged by comparison, as quite often hands and feet are anatomically similar. Proportions can be different but in a number of cases the number of digits or bones is quite similar between the hand and feet.

Saturday, 11 June 2016

Artstream 11/06/2016 - Battlefield One Art

  Watching the trailer for Battlefield One I was greatly inspired by the sight of a Bedouin warrior early in the trailer. What interested me most was the hint that Battlefield One might at least partially show the Arabian theatre of the first world war, a theatre that aside from tales like Lawrence of Arabia is relatively poorly-known to the general public compared to the fields of the Franco-Belgian border. I particularly enjoyed painting the horse, as I had spent a lot of time as of late looking at horses that got me particularly particularly inspired though I think there could be some improvements made to how it ended up.

Thursday, 9 June 2016

Reworking the Dragon Man

  Didn't mean for the blog to become this quiet but I'm back on another project at Butch Auntie,, (thank my eagerness over opportunities for that) which means most of the day for the next couple of weeks will be is spent in Maya. Before I got stuck in I looked into reworking my dragon-man model to see if I could streamline it or generally use what I head learned making Colo Colo to improve on the design.

  I didn't spend much time as I quickly found myself engrossed in work but the progress I have made on this model so far is primarily improving the snout, eye sockets, brows, leg and tail, while also adding a bit ot the geometry and cleaning  a few things up. Unlike the previous model I also look to create a UV map for this, it might reduce the pressure on my PC when it comes to applying textures as it means I can use a standard normal map instead of a complex PTEX normal map.