Wednesday, 3 June 2015

Let's Go, Pal

    I am a fan of the Fallout franchise, so when Bethesda launched their promotional site for their new game earlier today I got the chance to watch their new announcement trailer as it was released to the public. And I immediately fell in love with it as the camera panned around a house that alternated between its pre-and post-apocalyptic state, while this beautiful and very well-rendered dog (the trailer was in-engine, something that is becoming increasingly popular as ingame and cinematic graphics more closely match each other) explored the post-apocalyptic remains.

    What drew me to this particular scene was my love of the German shepard, which featured prominently in the trailer. I thought the dog was adorable so I felt compelled to make a piece of artwork featuring him and it gave me a great chance to practice painting fur and eyes.

As of my last check, the site contains only the announcement trailer

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  1. Dear Mark,

    I'm hoping you're thoroughly bored by now and in need of something to do... ;)

    After New Designers, my next task will be create the new course showreel. I'd like to see if you might return to your digital set project and create for me a usable 'push' - something not dissimilar to Tom Boothby's recent 'Witch's Cottage':

    I understand that your 'What If Metropolis' was designed only to be a still image, so it maybe that pushing a camera through it isn't practical without first doing tonnes of additional prep - but if you could see your way to generating some pans, tracking shots or pushes etc. I'd very much like to get this world of yours into the mix for 'Showreel 2015'. In light of feedback, you'd need to think about the matte painting element again - replacing it with a photograph, as opposed to a digital painting (so it aligns more coherently with the realism of your model).

    Anyway, let me know what you think. I'd be looking to get my hands on any content by Friday July 10th, which I know doesn't give you a huge amount of time...



    For more inspiration:

    (I've asked Julien, Charlie & Ella if they wouldn't mind revisiting their cities too, so feel free to converse and exchange notes!)