Tuesday, 30 June 2015

Summer Work: Revising Philip Teacy's Metropolis.

    I have been on a sizeable hiatus lately, realising that I may have burned myself out working on the composition for Fantastic Voyage. Recently however I recieved a message from Phil asking for a possible pan-through of my digital set for the What If Metropolis project, I distinctly remembered during the brief that he wished he could move the camera and approach the opera house. Which fortunately gave me some vigor to work.

The first task was to streamline the scene. When I made the single frame for the What If Metropolis presentation it took roughly 45 minutes to render one frame using the university computers. Thus my first task was to streamline the rendering process so that it would not take an entire day to make half a second's worth of motion. Fortunately I was in luck with this as after optimising the scene, deleting unused rendering nodes and shrinking down the files used in the textures, I managed to cut 45 minutes (which on my home computer could have been closer to 52 minutes) down to 14 minutes. Theoretically tripling the number of frames I could make a day.

The next stage might be to rearrange a few things as despite all the work I put into the image, I had arranged it all to the point that the positioning was specifically for this shot.

I might also take what I learned during Fantastic Voyage and separate the scene into layers for ease of rendering. For one I might be able to cut down rendering time more if I isolated the opera house (the msot light-heavy thing in the scene as it has a ton of point lights that eat up render time) and put it on a separate layer.

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