Monday, 20 July 2015

Infiltrate Exploit Spread: Return to Refinement

     After a long time procrastinating I decided I needed to crack on and load up what I have done so far with my refinement. Currently in the pipeline is the title card as seen below. My current idea is that this scrolling text will appear (A sequence to last 5 seconds), with the grinding industrial sound of the mosquito's interior in the background. Once the text is completely unveiled, the  bulk of it will fade to leave the title words "Infiltrate Exploit Spread" before moving on to the sequence itself.

     This sequence is also helping me re-familiarise myself with Adobe Flash. At the time of this post, most of the sequence is compiled. But there remains all the other text to appear - which thankfully will not be as dense as this. Just some brief information to help viewers understand what is going on.

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