Wednesday, 10 August 2016

Adaptation B: Colo Colo Remake Part 2 Started

  I'm working on getting back into refining Colo Colo. What I plan for te moment is to modify the geometry of the limbs, then sculpt it in Mudbox after a UV remap, where I can better work on texture and form. The key differences with this model, compared to how Colo Colo used to be is that he now has a more rounded pair of thighs, more clearly defined calf muscles, his ankles are clearer, and I've gotten rid of the segment between the ankles and the rest of the leg.

  In preparation for reworking the beak, texture and normal map wise, I decided to use photo references to look further into what the transition area between the beak and the skin of a plucked chicken looks like, to get a better idea of how bone and skin merge on this part of the body.

  This is but the start as there is a lot to do. Once UV mapped, the skeleton will need to be rebuilt, the blendshapes will need to be remade, it's possible that by September (due to other commitments) the best I might have is a working but inanimate model.

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