Monday, 8 August 2016

New ArtStream Layout

  Lately I got thinking that when it comes to my streams I need to be a little smarter with screen real-estate. Learning the benefits of talking while working I realise that when the full video is played back, conversations can look out of context or answering comments can be potentially mixed with musings I make. I managed to get my webcam back so I can now record using its mic as well as my face (this might help with engagement and ad a bit of personality, it might help with presentation but we'll see.)

  The format had to also take into account that these videos are compiled into time-lapse videos several minutes long. So it had to be uncluttered. This reason is why the chatbox, webcam and referrals are separate from the screen itself, so that when the video is converted into a time-lapse I don't have to edit out a gap in the corner where my face would be.


Original "Please Stand By" image available form James Vaughn under a creative commons non-commercial share-alike attribution. I modified the image to replace the Sioux bust with a Colo Colo drawing.

The image will only be used for as a placeholder for setups such as these.

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