Tuesday, 14 March 2017

Four: Pre-Vis Progress

I believe I am making good progress with creating the basic elements of my animation. There isn't much movement yet but my plan is to go over and create more refined movements after all the animation is in place and the recordings have been synchronised and sequenced. There might be a slight delay as I believe I have to rework the pose space corrections on the adult model. Hopefully this shouldn't take too long now that I have more familiarity with the system.

I had a feeling that what might help the scene is while Amelia is talking, the attention is on Four. At this point in the story, David might have shut her out and stopped talking, too enamored by the creature that hatched from the cocoon. She's offering him one last chance to communicate but Four has come to dominate his perception of life.

While Four does look pitch-black in the pre-vis, that's more of a side-effect of the mila shader as it is rendered in the workspace, where it renders a shade-colour version of the the top (quite dark) texture map, which would be the monochrome specularity. It am quite confident that it won't come out like that in polished renders.

To test out posing I created a small quick "tester" animation. Far from perfect but it does give me a few animations to start off with and a proof that the model for the juvenile functions reasonably smoothly.


  1. Working hard, Mark - and it's shaping up... just something for you to think about as you're working: start making notes of all the opportunities for diegetic sound, including all the noises Four is going to need to bring her to life. You'll need the hum of computers, beeps, the distant sounds of announcements in different rooms; you'll need to 'fry' your audio so we understand it as 'recorded' as opposed to 'live' - I'd start making lists! You could have corporate screen-savers repeating the advertisement - there's another pocket of workflow here which shouldn't be underestimated (as if you would!). Onwards :)