Thursday, 9 March 2017

Four: Shaping the Grub

  Today the primary goal was to establish pose space corrections for the grub's model to allow for smoother animation. This was hampered slightly by a couple of design choices. Rather than being mirrored, the joints for the limbs and mouth were constructed through direct placement of joints on both sides. This turned out to be a hindrance as it meant I could not smoothly mirror the pose corrections. Movements on the Y and Z axes would be reversed on the other side so these poses had to be built manually.

  The process today took a little longer than I had hoped but it is almost complete and controls can be installed after that. The insectoid nature has a benefit that the face can be relatively immobile compared to later forms, though it seems I might have to build a set of teeth to go inside the mouth so there's something inside in case the camera catches a moment where the inside can be seen.

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