Tuesday, 26 May 2015

Personal: Photoshop Practice

More painting practice. But also unlike other drawings, above was made purely on Photoshop rather than using a sketch as a template. While I had originally planned for the physique to be a rough Idea, something perhaps stemming from my life-drawing classes compelled me to draw the musculature in detail.

 With the musculature down I used a different colour to sketch up the outfit, the nonhuman tail and feet posed some logistical challenge when it came to mapping out the footwear.

Not entirely finished but this stage of the drawing provides a cross-section of how I composed the colours of the piece. The key feel I wanted from the outfit was a sense that it was sophisticated, futuristic, but would not fall into the fashion prediction traps suffered by shows such as Star Trek.

I looked at styles fro mthe past to look for patterns and noticed that as time went on, the outfits worn by the upper echelons of society became less gaudy and elaborate. While puffed shoulders and ribbed undercoats were the height of Tudor fashion, the male elite of Victorian society settled for dress uniforms or velvet-lined suits. Those suits evolved further to to the suits popularly seen in today's award ceremonies which ditced the tweed, the top hats, the elaborate tails and the waistcoats and settled for more uniform and finer fabrics. It posed the question of what a suit of an older and less human society would look like.

Thinking about it now, I should go back and alter the outfit further. While the character isn't actually wearing a his answer to a fine suit, I could probably lose the brestplate and replace it with something else. His left coat sleeve is also still bugging me.

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