Tuesday, 12 May 2015

Personal: Character Experiments

Not long after the final critI considered wanting to keep my skills sharp. Thus, I set a self-imposed charaacter design challenge. My aim was to create characters with forms that reflected their inner personalities.

I am promising myself however to try something other than dragons in the future, but these happen to be prior characters I devised with some friends outside the course. They are also all related to each other so there was another test of creating characters that could appear distinct but also linked to wach other.
Intended traits: Seductive, teasing, silver-tongued, vain, delusions of grandeur

Intended traits: Serious, military-minded, disciplined, respectable

Intended traits: Compassionate, modest, sly, caring

Intended traits: Vain, self-centred, overconfident

Intended traits: Immature, bratty, childish, short-tempered, selfish, young

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