Saturday, 2 May 2015

@Jackie @Phil Life Drawing Collection

First copy of my collected drawings this year. However I am questioning if I should also include my self-portraits and digital art studies in this document.


  1. I've included mine, Mark and I think some have put the character design work we did with Justin in too.

  2. I'll consider a revision then. Most of the master studies and character design though I'm not so sure since it's not entirely drawing from life as both have an element of unrealism to them. For the former, many paintings have an element of artistic license to them including not-fully-inaccurate faces either due to the artist's style, a request from the client or an attempt to make the subject look better than they really did. For the latter, there's the interpertation conventions that we went though.

    1. Had a notification from Jackie. Sketchbook work is also to be included. That's me busy then.