Thursday, 10 December 2015

Narrative Project: Improving The Environement

   Today I considered perhaps making short clips to show that Forge had considered an animation. I learned however that the environment had been designing had been discarded for a completely different arrangement. It was discussed, I expressed my concerned and it was decided that perhaps I could attempt to make the scene.

  With two and a half hours before the deadline before me I felt there was no time for texturing. So I took the assets that had been made - the plants and the rocks primarily - and looked into setting them into the environment I had been working on.

  When complete I made two render sets: The first set above are ambient occlusion passes while the set below are the objects with a default shader but illuminated with an ambient light.

  It is not much, but I felt it was better than trying to work on a sequence in a set that from my perspective lacked the feeling of upward travel. In the scene I was presented with this was resolved with a dead end, I looked at using geography to imply the only way is up orther than use a dead-end style barrier of rock.

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