Wednesday, 21 December 2016

Four: Corrective Blendshaping

  I've been quiet but that doesn't mean I have not been busy. Although a long couple of months did put me mostly out of commission for a day or two.

The transformation of the throat works a fair bit better now. Looks a little more convincing and I find it cool that you can see some of the muscle in action.

  At the moment I have a very slight problem that when adding a twist to the wrist, the value would set itself to a value greater than or less than 1 and it would hideously deform to look like the wrist was grotesquely swollen.

  The arrangement I have so far is the best I can do with the current wrist despite attempts like clearing any influences around the joint before working the vertices. Though oddly this is the only problem site so far as there was no problem working the twist into the shoulder.


  1. Hi Mark

    Have you made sure the Pose Editor is setup to use the correct axis?

  2. The twist driver is set to the X axis, which is the axis used to rotate the twist.
    However when adding two twist attributes:
    The first when in its set pose has a weight of 1.0000 while its counterpart has a weight of 0.0000.
    The second when in its set pose has a weight of 1.5714 while its counterpart has a weight of 2.5714.

    However when set in the first pose the weight of both is 2.5714.
    When there is only one twist pose its weight when set in the first pose is 1.0769.

    I thought it might be something with the driver matrixes (which I added at the bottom of this post) but I investigated what setting the wrist to a Euler twist would do and that appears to zero things out and make things clean.

  3. Select your joint and look at its local axis (not the translate/rotate/scale tool). Set the pose deformer to the same BEFORE you start blend shaping.