Tuesday, 13 December 2016

Four: Joint Weights and Blendshapes

  Building on what I started yesterday I have modified some areas where larger joints meet. The leg currently has a nasty habit of caving in when the leg folds up like above. In theory I could either allocate more weight to the shoulder, or fix with a bit of corrective blend-shaping.

After some adjustment to which boners are parented, Four's tongue can now more correctly dangle from her mouth. However the spline IK has a small habit of tilting the tongue when the head is re-positioned to a direction other than straight forward. With testing however, I found this can be offset by adjusting the roll of the IK - an attribute I can easily add into the head control. 

For the most part the tongue stays inside the body, however extreme deformation around the throat has it poke through but this could be easily solved with a corrective blendshape.

It might be nice to give the tongue a bit of "slack." Where when she has it out like above, it can dangle. As a component to the tongue's flexibility, and in part because it's wider than the gap between the lower canines, I've gone back to the thoughts on ways of deforming the tongue.

As well as  fixing the main model, I took the time to bind the controls to the blendshapes. I need to create NURBS to control these but they can easily be basic squares or a set of controls that circle eye. I also took the time to lay groundwork for a way to control the lips. Priority is on the upper lip for now as that is probably going to be the most active. I've been wondering if as a way of reducing filesize I can use one of the already-present blendshape models, ,most likely the shape controlling the eyes as there will be zero interference from the other weights.

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