Monday, 5 December 2016

Four: A Cleaner Model

I've continued to refine the geometry of the core model. While also dedicating some time today to refining the UV maps to take into account the merged fins.

  There is a fair amount of dense geometry but in this case maybe that is not entirely a bad thing in certain places such as the neck or the fins where the body is going to be extremely flexible and mobile. It also gave me a chance to clean up some of the gometry so the model flows much better and more tidily.

As an added bonus, the geometry so far has provided a relatively outline muscle structure which can be further improved with a normal map or a Mudbox pass. Though given I need to skin soon, I might go with a normal/displacement map crafted in Mudbox.

  The new UV map has been rearranged a little bit to take into account the changes to the geometry.

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