Wednesday, 14 December 2016

Four: The Face Comes To Life

  With the primary model more-or-less skinned and the groundwork for the blendshapes in place. I mainly worked on refining what I had, typing the controls together and making sure everything blends correctly.

  The mouth still needs to be paired up but the eye, eyelids and the cheeks and brow are all hooked up. Using a system of clusters I concocted a way to control the radius of the pupil. This kind of feature would be especially important near the end of the animation as the doors open and Four is bathed in light. Her pupils would shrink to pinpricks as her eyes adjusted to the bright light.

  When programming the eyelids I also gave thought to widening beyond the "neutral" stance. Which on visualisation really hits a feeling of Surprise in Four

Windows to the soul indeed. Adding controls for the lips will add further character I'm certain. Everything seems to be going well so far.

  Proof that there is a weight network in place for the lips.

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