Monday, 15 September 2014

Summer project compromise

I was rather misinformed of what I had to do over the summer, possibly a communication issue, so I was left uninformed of the summer project and never managed to do anything pertaining to the brief by the time I was informed of it. Luckily, possibly as a consolation, after discussing it with Phil I have a possible compromise that I conveniently assembled over August as a skill-building exercise in shading, lighting storytelling and the use of a graphics tablet.

The construction of the image started in July, ran through august as I was working on-and-off and finished within the first week of September. I also have a pair of sketchbook pages that were intended as brainstorming exercises which I have provided below. The one on the right was merely a brainstorming exercise into possible fashion ideas but it helped me to come up with a suitable outfit for the dragon on the left..

Below is an anatomical study I did almost a year ago from now that serves as a study of the dragon creatures that dominate the scene in the picture above. My intention was to create a life-form that was both impressive and believable, studying the anatomical features of bats, humans, horses, theropodal and raptor-like dinosaurs in order to get a convincing look.


  1. Hello Mark,
    The name is Stitch it's nice to meet you (bar the jokes I've heard them all).

    I am your designated Mentor for your Year 1 career but please if you ever need any advice or if you are stuck just let me know ( ill get back you right away. I will check your blog as often as I can - providing feedback to see that you are still slugging away feverishly at the start of your adventure. I am an alumni from CAA so you might not see me in Uni much but you can always get me over mail or read my advice on your blog.

    Now there may be times where my advice or opinions may seem blunt but rest assured I'm just trying to help you become the best artist you can be... After all I have made my fair share of mistakes in this line of work and trust me its better you know how to improve.

    You can find my blog here:
    My year 3 collaboration project blog here:

    Please check them out if you have time with any luck you will have something similar at the end of your 3 year term on this course... Absorb everything you can, be patient and most important of all don't give up... it will be worth it in the end.

    RE your compromise post - Its good to see that you are working things out when it comes to sketches though I would number them as either a-z or 1-100 that way if a person wants to comment on a particular sketch or say which they preferred they can say "I like sketch J or 25" etc. Your clothing studies are nice but you should also look into how fabric drapes and hangs on the body. Everything you have is kind of tight and dresses etc do hang more... just an observation.

    I really like the tonal depth on your dragon sketch you also have some nice anatomy going on here I particularly love your biceps on this sketch...

    The blog so far is looking okay - I like the banner the background might need some tweaking and there's no doubt in my mind that as you go on you will change things up in your own way...

    Anyway keep on track and don't worry too much about missing the 101 challenge, they just want you to come in having explored an idea so you know what is expected of you in the following units.

    Well good luck and I will be watching your progress closely.
    If I have time on Friday ill stop by for the drinks.


    1. Hello Stitch!
      It's nice to meet you and I look forward to hearing your advice (even if it is blunt, no work is perfect right?). I took a quick look at your blog and I am impressed and possibly overwhelmed at the sheer amount of work there. I certainly get the impression I will be busy these next three years.

      Thanks for the advice, yeah I probably should consider numbering my drawings as it will make reviewing them a lot easier to explain. I'm glad you like my anatomical studies though, I think its one of my better areas.

      Since my mother is a professional upholster with a home business she's imparted me with a fair bit of warning about what is expected of me with project briefs. Thanks for the reassurance anyhow.

      Thank you for contacting me and thanks for the review.