Friday, 19 September 2014

Update: Summer project Brainstorming

 Following the advice of my mentor I have numbered my worksheets. The detail of the third picture I posted may or may not be simple enough to not warrant numbers (first scale is on top, second scale is on bottom).


  1. time to get some Invisible City stuff on here... excited to see your thumbnails...

    see link!

  2. Good Mark,

    Its really good to see you have numbered them you may (in the future) also consider adding a bit of branding to them (if any). It helps get you thinking about the style of font you want to use (try, what colours (check out others blogs to see how they have branded projects), how you want the end presentation (or Art Of) to look. Its just a style thing and you may want to consider it for your future posts...

    Just an observation... Glad to see you are numbering though, keep up the good work!