Saturday, 27 September 2014

Character and Animation: First Stop-frame animatoin.

This was the end-result of the work that half of my class did for our first 'Animation and Character lesson. A relatively simple morph animation with each transformation from one person to another being made up of twelve frames each at 12fps, so each transfomration lasts for about a second. Each person made a 12-frame scene of a partner transforming into them. Made with Dragonframe for Mac. My frames are the last set on the reel and the idea was the reel and were intended ot link up with another reel made by the other half of the class so the film would lop around.

Admittedly there was a bit of a hiccup when compiling where I had effectively arranged my slides backwards to what the original plan was, although after some coordination fro mthe lecturer it was eventually sorted and isntead of being second on my group's reel I was last.

The border of the film does change halfway through as during filming one of the students adjusted the zoom on the camera when he didn't need to.

EDIT 05/10/2014: I think I have worked out what I did wrong with the video upload. Since it was a quicktime video and I uploaded it as an image the code must have got confused on what do do with it. I'll try not to make that mistake again.


  1. For some reason the video isn't playing properly. First upload it is jittery and only captures half of the second-to-last and half of the last animation when I view it from here. Second upload it doesn't seem to want to work at all.

  2. Hey Mark - see link:

    Also - no doubt one of your classmates will upload another version of the loop animation to Youtube, so you can embed from there...

    1. I'll look around ot see if anyone has uploaded their own version. Thank you for the suggestion.

      If not, hmm maybe take the clip back to the macs and upload it from there? I'm not sure, I don't use quicktime much.