Wednesday, 24 September 2014

Invisible Cities Thumbnail Set 4

    At first glance I think I may be going backwards with these images - back to Photoshop, back to digital work, back to work that looks  presentation-grade than brainstorming than sketch grade and back to camera shots. There is a wealth of media I would like to explore beyond this (for one I have a box set of inks that have been sitting in my toolbox for i-don't-know-how-long that I might contemplate using again) which I might explore as these first four sets were part of my Photoshop workshops. With these done, I'll look at other media for the other cities.

    One thing that caught my imagination with Armilla was in looking beyond the literal. At first I thought "how do I make a cityscape out of what is described as nothing but water pipes with no other part of the buildings?" I then started getting ideas when Calvino began talking about Nymphs inhabiting the water and got the idea that perhaps it is the nymphs and dryads (water spirits in Greek mythology) that were the city's real residents. Maybe the pipes themselves were the city superstructure with the water spirits living inside them? With homes, shops, venues and parks everywhere inside the pipelines? Although as I tried to finish I think my sense of imagination started to wear down near the end so I came to the thought of "lots of water everywhere"

    Probably not the pinnacle of what I can come up with for this project but I guess I could consider some of these aspects for other cities.


  1. Awesome concept, i like the idea of a pipe city. 50,60 and 61 really stand out to me.

    1. I'll keep those in mind. I mysel flike the water feature of 61 and how it came out.

  2. 60.... a whiff of Lebbeus Woods going on there! Nice!

    (Just a quick blogging tip - don't 'centre' your text alignment, as it makes your text look like poetry or song lyrics. Consider using the justify alignment option, which will give your text elements a more traditional 'book-like', published appearance).

  3. Hey Mark,

    I concur with Phil here 60 is quite nice good to see that you are putting your time in with the research that's how you find solutions to potential creative problems. Being rough at this stage is absolutely necessary. As I said before keep putting ideas to paper until you find the one that snaps to you, to this project.

    Things are starting to get interesting :) keep it up!