Tuesday, 23 September 2014

Invisible Cities First Thumbnails

I worry about procrastinating for my first project so I figured I may as well upload the only set of sixteen that I have completed. The two other sets are currently a work-in-progress mostly because I was unfamiliar with drawing using the lasso tool and combining copied images with ideas each one in the space of a single minute so while I understand that thumbnails are supposed to be rough, most of them could be considered either rather abstract or really crude.
I've gotten to at least halfway with each of the other two so hopefully I can complete those soon, but since its almost 3/4 done here is set two. I had a complete breakdown trying to get though set three due to time pressure and ended up with something perhaps barely presentable. But At least I managed to get a couple of images down, there may be some hidden value in them....

Looking at what I've done, I do like some of the imagery conveyed in the second set as well as the first, the city of canals has some kind of quaint charm to it (possibly from a passion of mine for the city of Venice itself, a beautiful marvel that almost floats on the lake in which it is located).

Its a plan for the week of mine to get more of these thumbnails done.


  1. well done for getting these on here, Mark - and yes, there is charm to some of those canal thumbnails, those hints at canals and watery zig-zags - and some of the spider city line drawings are expressive too.

  2. Getting your work on the blog is half the battle - even if you feel it is not 'up to much'... the trick is to try not to tense up about the thumbnails, keep everything nice and loose and quick - after all, it's only a thumbnail and if it doesn't work out, you've lost only a short minutes worth of time :)
    I particularly like number 8, and number 20 for its hints at 'Caligari-esque' architecture.

  3. Hi Mark, congrats on the first set of thumbnails. I'd suggest filling those empty panels on the last 2 pages so that you have a full set. But initially, I really like 17, 18 and 21. 17 especially stands out as somewthing abstract that has potential as a 3d space with form and structure. Keep pushing with these, they may seem abstract and odd, but they are great for jumping in to a project.

  4. Hey Mark,

    Well so far I'd say you are finding the way you want to do things which is how many people start their career on this course. I am glad you are uploading ideas which you don't feel are "polished" mainly because as tough as it is your best work comes from weird places.

    Sometimes it helps to go back to basics and just use charcoal on paper... photoshop allows you to rub out things where as traditional mediums require you to find solutions to problems (i.e. something you cannot rub out). You might also try combining some of your thumbnails (or overlaying them) to see what other results you can get.

    Speaking as an observer I like where you went with your shape driven ideas on "Thumbnail page 2" particularly 26 (which almost looks like the front of a town) and 27 (which looks like a giant obstacle someone has to traverse) I also liked the vibe "Spider City" no. 9 gave me...

    Keep on cracking and try everything imaginable while you are in research mode.
    You are off to a good start!