Tuesday, 17 February 2015

@Simon From Script To Screen: Animatic and Pre-Vis construction

    Lacking audio but I have managed to complete an initial animatic. WIthout any sounds it is...eerie even if I havem ost of the story spent on actions instead of dialogue. Today has also been a little crash-course in moving the body parts of the pre-rigged characters being used in the scene. But for the most part I'd say the first scene is roundabout ready for animation.

    This is my current pre-vis setup. with 12 seconds done (I should look at my camera angles and animation lengths as theoretically I should he 20s on my animatic)
    This is the biggest obstacle I have encountered: it seems on copying the project onto my flash drive, Clarette's rig appears to have detached from her body so if there is a way I can reconnect it (I have yet to do the walk-cycle tutorial which I probably should consider for the second half of the animation) things can progress as planned. My current contingency is to work on her animations on the original file at university and then import that into the scene.

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