Friday, 27 February 2015

27/2/15: Adobe Flash and Illustraator

    For a while I had wondered about using Adobe Illustrator and it feels good that I had the chance in this morning's CG art tools.class The task today was to use the knowledge of the pen tool that we had gained to trace over a logo found on the internet. The logo I selected  is one of the emblems of the Forerunners from the Halo franchise - although I am unsure which of the known Forerunners or AI that uses this one, The parent file was titled "Flood(1)" so it may be connected to The Flood.

    As usual, the doodle-page that comes with every new piece of software I encounter.

    In the animation class today we were given more bouncing balls to animate. Though I wonder if this clip might be a little too fast.

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  1. Nice implementation of shadows, quality work going on here. Overall, it would be better if the purple and green balls were slightly slowed down.