Monday, 16 February 2015

From Script To Screen: Storyboard Refinement Ideas

    In response to a suggestion that the camera felt too distant especially at crucial points I have created a few panels to replace current ones or fit within the established storyboard. I feel that while the panning series (second page, central image) may add to the time, I want it to feel immensely powerful as it leads on to the marionette drifting to freedom.
    I am now thinking that by the second camera position of that moment the marionette begins to float upwards While it looks like the camera looks at more of the marionette again, the 16:9 perspective of the animatic and pre-viz might mean the camera does not extend leftwards between point 2 and 3. Admittedly there is an anatomical error on Clarette's right arm In that moment which I will fix depending on whether or not it's understood on sight as an error and not Clarette gaining arm-morphing powers for this one moment.

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