Thursday, 19 February 2015

Artist's Toolkit Updates

    These items were long overdue for upload but with final preparations for Friday's presentation being made tonight I took ten minutes to compose this. Above, as usual, are evidence of Maya tutorials, below is the second video I made in my first session with Adobe Flash. We were asked to make an animated line which, after getting into my stride came out fairly smoothly for 12FPS (or was it more?). The background did not take long to compose although I would have liked to improve it with moving light rays from the surface. 
    This is the other tutorial I had finished recently which was designed to teach how to travel and distort an object. The distortion I thought was quite clever: duplicating the ball, parenting it to the original, making the original transparent while giving the duplicate the skin and then turning the duplicate ball to face a random direction. The texture would then act as if it were applied at an angle.
    It is certainly more advantageous than creating a tilted texture (which for a sphere would have been quite complicated and there would be the matter of twisting the texture in another direction.

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