Monday, 2 February 2015

From Script To Screen: Character Concepts

    Over the weekend I worked on some concept art for the project. While attempting to get Clarette's (the mother's) face right I hit upon the possibility of giving the characters more angular features as she kept ending up looking either too young or too old. Which I suppose could link with puppets being a key element of the tale. While working on Simon (Clarette's son) I became inspired by the puppets used for the 1960s TV show Thunderbirds (the animation is going for a 1970s aesthetic but Thunderbirds still possesses that campy 60s feel). So to represent Simon's youth I gave him rather large, expressive eyes.

    Simon himself only appears near the very end but his marionette appearance is going to be so dependant on what he really looks like it made sense to get an idea of what he actually looks like first before designing his puppet form.


  1. Hi Mark - all I'd say is that I think Simon is looking too old here - more late teens/early twenties...

    1. Like Jackie suggested I could add some hair around the lower half of Simon's head. At first I was anxious at doing so because I was worried it made him look too feminine, or it made the face feel "wrong" in some fashion. Since I'm largely happy with the face (might tweak the nose slightly) I could be more experimental with his hair. Maybe I could round his jawline a little more?

  2. I agree....scruffy him up a bit! Longer hair perhaps?