Wednesday, 28 January 2015

From Script To Screen: Conception Progress

    I should have done this a little before but this is the content I have so far for for the project: Early thumbnails, a planned script and a good chunk of the storyboard done. I am starting to reach the end of my sketcbook and have taken on the habit of drawing thumbnails alongside jottings and practice drawings admittedly unrelated to the project as there are several pages where I have left a lot of white space.

    I have considered the prospect of blurring out these unrelated sketches so that viewers can focus on the intended drawings. But I am conflicted as apart from thumbnails and project-related drawings I do not show my sketchbook much. Which feels lsightly concerning as I was taught on the Level 3 Art and Design course I took they encouraged that our sketchbooks be windows into our minds. So I am unsure how to proceed with this matter regarding how to treat my sketchbook.

This is still unfinished. The remaining frames I have planned relate to the marionette floating away on the balloon and the scene in the airport departure lounge described in the script.

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  1. Hi Mark,
    Phew! Glad to see these thumbnails - it had all gone a little quiet! :)
    Your script reads well, with just the right amount of pathos to stir the audience, and your storyboards are nice and clear - keep going...let's see the rest!

    With regards to your sketchbook, yes, it is good to show your other work too; however, I do feel that it would be best to isolate the project work in some way, so as not to confuse your viewer. Maybe a second sketchbook might be the answer - one for project, one for general sketching? Or you could use the left-hand page for general stuff and the right-hand side for project work? This way, your pages will still look complete when you upload them, rather than having large areas blurred out...