Wednesday, 21 January 2015

Revised story idea

In repsonse to some ocmments I have considered reworking my story idea.

A man arrives at an airport, joined by a controlling older sister who complains about him leaving. While on a private jet he daydreams outside a window, during turbulence an overhead compartment is forced open and a marionette owned by the man falls from it, but is left hanging from it's crossbar.

After a struggle it dislodges iself and chases the balloon around the cabin, with the strings connected to its limbs holding it back and catching on cabin furniture. (This bit might still need some work)

The marionette eventually grabs the balloon after several failed attempts and comes to relax in a seat. Focus returns to the man who checks into passport control of the airport he has arrived in with the marionette riding on top of the suitcase. The story ends with the man looking outside the departure lounge of the airport into the country he has arrived in with a really optimistic feel to the view outside

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