Friday, 23 January 2015

Autodesk Sketchbook

Today I was acquainted with Autodesk Sketchbook, a piece of drawing software like Photoshop that Simon described as being like a sports car in that it only does one thing but does it well whilst Photoshop tries to be a very broad piece of kit.

As I normally do when I start off with a new drawing program I doodled and scribbled to get a feel for the tools. But in this case it was mainly to try out the different kinds of brushes available.
 My first attempt at actually drawing looks okay in my eyes, although one tool I love compared to Photoshop is the symmetry tool which allows my drawing to be reflected on the other half of the paper, which saves a fair amount of time. One thing I lament is the tools I have found so far don't blend the colours as well as I have understood Photoshop to do. So I may consider alternating between the two programs as I am still quite comfortable using Photoshop for drawing.

My third experiment with Autodesk Sketchbook was drawing blackouts. I managed to whip these up in under an hour and already I feel like I managed to get some very interesting character designs out of them. Most of them are robots but I may have a soft spot for the silhouette with the tail and the fanned extensions coming from her waist. So if I have time I might go further with her.

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