Friday, 23 January 2015

From Script to Screen: New idea

    Speaking with others on the matter I have looked into revising my story idea for the Script to Screen project. Phil largely gave the outline for the new idea but I'd feel like I's make no meaningful progress directly lifting the idea.

The story opens with a woman sitting on a bench, illuminated by a spotlight and surrounded by complete blackness. On her lap is a marionette of a young boy. A balloon drifts into area illuminated by the spotlight and is spotted by the marionette. The marionette tries desperately to reach for the balloon, each time it tries it either simply cannot reach or the woman - looking fearful more than angry - keeps tugging him back.

    The marionette becomes upset. Realising what she is doing, the woman then cuts the strings holding her up one by one, with the marionette stil ltrying to reach up. With every cut line the body part it was connected to goes limp and the marionette falls to the floor. The woman watches anxiously as the marionette struggles to stand, growing more confident. Once it stands up fully, it does it's best to reach for the balloon, finally grabbing it. It and the woman hold hands as it floats up and away. 

    As the marionette as trying to stand up and reach for the baloon, the light encapsulating the scene expanded outward. As the marionette drifts away the woman returns ot reality in which she is in an airport departure lounge. Her son - who resembles the marionette - has a passport in hand and planes can be heard along with various other ambient sounds of a busy airport. Standing in front of her looking happy and nervous. "i'll be fine mum. Don't worry" he says, she smiles, nods and says "I'm proud of you" and gives him a farewell hug.

    Phil initially suggested a father/daughter relationship but I considered a mother-son combination out of personal experience. The bond is still strong and I figured when writing about familial relationships, our own experiences can be the best references for early works. I had also considered the balloon being in the shape of a plane as that is how the woman is losing her son in real life and the mind has a reputation of creating analogies to real life obstacles, problems and situations in mental sequences such as dreams and hallucenations.

I feel like I'm getting there. I just need to persevere and keep thinking, keep things open.

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