Tuesday, 6 January 2015

First Work With Animation and Audition

    First lesson in animation was an interesting one. Before starting the car animation we were guided though the process of animation through parenting objects and moving them into key frames though linking up a robotic arm. While I only got as far as parenting up the segements of the arms, the subsequent tutorials have solidified my knowledge of how to set up key frames.

     So far thought the tutorials I have done (the car and the rocket) have been done using a premade control node that I didn't put in myself, so I am eager to learn how to do that but I am also a little nervous as my understanding of coding is still pretty basic and the process is still a little intimidating to me. Then again I was a little worried at the animation side but the animation processes I have done so far - despite being baby steps in comparison to what I see in movies and video games al lthe time - has boosed my confidence with animation.

    I  made only one slight error with setting up the animation process for the rocket ride - not setting the right framerate before animating - I decided to look into the batch rendering tutorial after doing the rocket ride tutorial and the tutorial called for a framerate of 25 frames per second when I had done the rocket ride on 24fps.

     The other issue I encountered was that while I did successfully batch render the animation, I think it could have done with an anbient, directional light or an ambient occlusion node as the rocket came out pitch-black on the frames with only some highlighting visible (I batch rendered as a tif file). I cannot confirm but one attempt may have included visual artifacts as a white checkerboard may or may not have appeared in one of the frames, I cannot recall which one however.

    Below are the two movies made - one showing the track and the other with the track hidden in the layer options menu. I might still use this tutorial for the batch rendering process to make a refined view as these are quite low-res.

    Before all this I had my first lesson of Adobe Audition in the morning and managed to make this using modifications from what I thin kwere a slide whistle, popcorn being cooked and one of those toy lawnmowers for infants. I surprised myself when I was able to make (what I hear as) a fighter plane getting into trouble out of these sources.

   I'll still have to investigate the best formats because despite the sound file only being 207kb (as an MP3) and 2mb (as a wave file), it is takeing forever to upload as a video file.

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