Wednesday, 7 January 2015

Like-For-Like Stoyboard: Tron Legacy

    For my like-for-like storyboard I looked at 30 seconds from Sam Flynn's experience at the End of Line Club. The segment I chose was just after Zuse comes up with a plan to smuggle Sam Flynn out of Grid City and to the gate back home. Just as he finishes, four of CLU's paratroopers smash though the ceiling.

    One thing that drew me was that this film in general is an anomoly in that for a Disney production it's pretty dark. In the space of 30 seconds we see two clear on-screen deaths, one implied death (I'm presuming the guy in panel 28 doesn't last much longer) and in the three seconds after the storyboard window, two more people would die onscreen. The fact Programs in Tron shatter into voxels when they are killed seems like a loophole to the protrayal of carnage as in panel 3, an extra is killed off by a paratrooper landing on his head. Any other film that death would have been horribly gruesome.

The BBFC granted this film a PG rating.

    Although the other thing I liked about this scene was that in a rare moment in cinema, the film's soundtrack is from an in-universe source. When the paratroopers land, the entire club is hit with silence. In panel 7, the DJs communicate silently to each other and as the lead paratrooper prepares himself, the next soundtrack plays as he draws and slams his batons together with the body of the music playing over the rest of the fight. Around panel 10 the DJs headbang in tune to the beat.

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  1. Well done Mark :)
    A good 'warm-up' in preparation for your own storyboard...!