Thursday, 15 January 2015

Maya Tutorials: Tracking and Crane shots

Close shot

Medium Shot

Fat Shot

    I wonder if I am being sluggish lately but here are the three tracking shots created last night in Maya. I had a little trouble with leveling out bumps in the graph editor as it seemed like trial and error, but by default Maya links both manipulator arms and things got a lot easier after unlinking them. The close shot isn't a perfect playblast as there is still some camera wobble but I believe my camera control improves with later sequences. In some of my experimentation I found that adding a key frame in the middle of the first half of the sequence kept at least half of the tracking smooth. I primarily selected this midpoint by judging the location of the point where the camera and the target were out of phase the most.

   The day before that I created the footage for the crane shot. The most I had to get used to I think was the use of two extenders which came off as slightly confusing. I will have to look into that to see which extender is which but my current understanding is extension 2 is the lower half and extension 1 is the upper half and both work like two hydraulic pistons one on top of the other.

    other than that I am feeling confident with how to perform basic yet fluid movements with the camera. I have also learned that AVI files are often too large to upload to blogger (which appears to only accept files up to 100mb in size).

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