Thursday, 15 January 2015

Possible Logline and Premise

     There could be refinement in these but for now here are my initial thoughts on a premise and a logline.

To those heavily burdened by rules and constraints, the promise of freedom is alluring and a goal they would do anything to get. But there is always something tugging them back.

Trapped on an airplane with an owner who mistreats him, a marionette sees freedom in a simple balloon and endeavors to catch it in order to embrace the freedom it promises. All the while he must battle with the strings of control that deny him freedom.


  1. Hi Mark,

    Give your creative partners a gentle nudge in the ribs, and solicit some feedback - a reminder of who they are...

    Chelsea, Jamie, Chris and Dan R. (Direct them to you previous post too...)
    Make sure you are stopping by on their blogs too!

  2. Hi Mark.
    This seems like a wonderful tense compilation of your components, which is obviously fantastic! I saw you had issues as to how/why a helium balloon would be on a jet. Maybe it could belong to a young child, I can't help but think of Banksy's "Girl with a balloon". I look forward to seeing progression in this idea.

    1. I had been thinking that perhaps both the balloon and the marionette could be owned by the girl.