Monday, 19 January 2015

Character Animation: Bouncy Blob

    A surprise update as I had neglected to post my previous work in Meg's animation lessons. So this is a compilation of the two lessons in one video. Unlike previous videos, thankfully, not much is lost as the camera used to take these photographs had a very high resolution to it.

    The second half - where the blob jumps over the rock formation - was made by drawing the rock's emergence on a different set of frames those displaying the blob's movement. I found this technique a relief as it meant I did not have to draw the ground plane every frame (which is what I did for the blob's entry). I was worried it might look choppy in some places but overall I believe it has turned out very well.

    Presented here are the sheets and pages I drew up to conceptualize the character, his behavior, the way he moves and the paths he takes though the animation sequence. I enjoy getting ideas down like this to reflect over and I find that some doodling can help bolster my understanding of it's personality and it's composition. So far it has taken me one or two attempts each lesson to get the blob's composition right. He's quite squishy and prone to contorting himself, which I find came out most in his somersault over the rock. From the beginning I wanted him to be quite energetic and cheery to match the permanent look of excitement on his face.


  1. What a happy-looking blob! :)

    1. He is indeed. It's my favourite thing about him.