Thursday, 15 January 2015

Life Drawing 14/01/15

    I feel a little guilty that three out of these six images are unfinished (and two I could count as just-about finished). This guilt however is offset by the interesting shapes that came about drawing the subject. It was odd but interestingly different as I was tasked to draw a body shape quite unlike the two previous models. There were some points that look odd or unbalancing but at the same time some beautiful shapes came out of the curves.

    The two coloured images were created by smudging in red, yellow and brown soft pastels. The brown worked very well for bringing out dark folds or bold contours, and I was partially worried that the red areas would end up making the subject look like they were suffering a terrible rash at the time. To alleviate this feel I focused on balancing out the reds with yellows to create a more sun-kissed orange that gives the subject a beautiful bronzed tone.

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  1. Don't feel guilty about not finishing the drawings! You are right, there are some lovely shapes going on here... :)