Friday, 25 September 2015

Character Design: Thumbnails and Art Style

    To help my thought processes I decided to do some thumbnailing. Along with these I looked at some art from the earlier eras of China's history to investigate the art-style. "Chinese Art" however covers over four thousand years of history so there was some challenge in narrowing down the art for the era appropriate to the setting. Which is both good and bad as there is no specific date as to when  the celebrations started.

    While making the thumbnails I had considered that maybe I don't have to stick to one particular era. Myths and legends are often told using oral tradition, which could mean that each retelling and portrayal could have been done in a style that reflected the era it was told.

    There's also the issue that the story involves firecrackers which I'm not sure the Chinese had back in 3000 BCE. They've known the recipe for a long time, certainly, but "4000 years before the recipe reached Europe" may be pushing believability a little. Then again this could be the product of oral hand-down as discussed in the paragraph above.

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