Wednesday, 16 September 2015

Personal Work: Planetary Colonies 2 of 3

Final Composition
     Encouraged by various art videos I was encouraged to continue with my planetary colony art collection. The second planet in the chain is the third planet in the system. In start contrast to the calmness of Akonoinen II, III was a volcanic planet, with an extremely active system of volcanoes that constantly spewed out lava that made lakes and some bodies were large enough to be seas.

    It is generally ill-advised to trek on the planet's surface without some form of environmental protection. So the structures were designed to look highly resilient to the planet's caustic atmosphere, but evoking a similar architectural style to the buildings found on II due to a shared colonial heritage. The planet uses the vast quantities of heavy metals and electrically conductive compounds to produce a wide variety of consumer electronics. But unlike planet II the site is hardly desirable for a high-teh firm to set up. So while II has a healthy service industry, much of III's high tech industry is making the electronic goods widely used and sold on II as well as exported throughout the solar system and beyond.

Stage 1: Lines and basic colours
The city's first design felt a little too tall. Chances are that each structure is in and of itself a city block to protect the populations inside from the environment. So after some thought and looking back on sketches I had done went for more of a look that reflected the aesthetic style of the colony on II.

Stage 2: basic toning
I used photoreferencing of real-life lava lakes for the look of the lava lake. And the whole environment I tinted orange to reflect the amount of illumination from lava lakes and rivers. To get a smooth look on the colours for the buildings I used the polygon select tool to draw out these areas and fill them in with a paintbrush. I think I'm getting better though at giving depth.or sharpness to structures or objects in focus.

Stage 3: detail touches

Stage 4: Additional finishes

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