Friday, 18 September 2015

Summer Sketchbook

I was putting it off for a while due to recent circumstances but I have finally gotten around to publishing my current sketchbook. I discovered that an A5 sketchbook was much more portable and easy to hold while on the move since I have come to realise that one of the advantages of a sketchbook is the ability to pull something out to draw sudden flashes of ideas down. I started this book in the summer and decided I'd number sketches in batches, currently determined by when I do them and what they are related to.  

Page 1 batch 1

Page 2 batch 2
    The picture on the left is really all I managed to do for "Lair of the Samphire King". I can't recall exactly what I did at the time to warrant not progressing further but I vaguely recall it was during the month I was house-hunting.
Page 3 batch 3
    The sketches of batch 5 were inspired by by the science fiction novel "Time's Eye" by Arthur C. Clarke and Stephen Baxter. The setting is (being a time travel story) a little complicated to summarise quickly but the gist is that strange silver orbs appear in various points and locations in history and whisk away portions of the world to create an anachronistic pieced-together Earth made up of not just portions of human history but practically every point in Earth's geological history exists on this patchwork Earth.
Page 4 batch 4 and 5

Page 5 batch 6 and 7

Page 6 batch 8
    Batch 10 was brainstorming for my interplanetary colonies personal project, and drawing them in town was a test of how easy it is to pull out a portable enough sketchbook to draw down a bunch of ideas and it worked out okay.
Page 7 batch 9 and 10
    The following two spreads were on a trip to London on Friday the 11th of September. Still not sure why I dedicated an entire page to squirrels, could have been inspired by sketches in one the how-to-draw books I have. I also find them quite versatile animals to anthropomorphise because of the way they stand when holding something (#1 batch 11). Batch 12 was a brainstorm on logos used mainly as a way to explore the methodology behind them.
Page 8 batch 11 and 12
Page 9 batch 12

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