Wednesday, 30 September 2015

Narrative Project: Thumbnailing Stage One

I worked on some thumbnails for the narrative project today. Very few I admit are on the pufferfish when he's puffed up but the focus I found myself with was the emotions of the fish. So far we have yet to discuss if there will be speaking in our animation or if it will be an emotive one so in preparation I looked at expressions nonetheless.

I also focused on emotion because even if we use dialogue, we are creating a very expressive world for our story with vibrant colours and at least one energetic character. Expression could also be used to show our character is bright, thoughtful and energetic, he wants to express himself so it makes sense that his face and his body should show it.

    One of the ideas was that the pufferfish in focus runs into trouble that unsettles him, which prompted the question of what would trouble him. Other fish? Other puffers? Predators? It's more characters true but at the time of thumbnailing I felt a vibe of a rule of three if we were going for a group; three scary creatures that would unsettle him and trigger his nervous reaction.

    Because we talked about patters I wondered to myself "what kind of patterns?" so I looked into fractals, repeating and flowing patterns for a bit of early inspiration. And there was also the crop circles that puffersfish would use to try and gain the interest of a mate. What would his attempts look like? What would the others' works look like?

    I think the story is emerging. Something is starting to coalesce from the cracks.

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