Wednesday, 9 September 2015

Summer Work: Cel Shading Practice

    Coming up to the start of the new academic year I decided I needed a push to get back into the mood of drawing. So to do that I decided to try some cel-shading. I had considered shading to give it a bit more depth and volume but that might send me into spending eternity adding shadows.

    The suit worn by the man in the foreground relates to a guilty pleasure of mine. A tailored suit is a thing of great interest to me, and while at a glance a £90 and a £250 suit jacket can look identical, it's how it feels - as well as the materials and where it is tailored - that can make the difference...this isn't easy to convey in a drawing though.
    But I tried

    The wall appeared a little blank after painting do I decided on some decoration to make the room look more stately as well as add some content to his desk.

    The man in the foreground is the focus of the picture. I wanted to make him look frustrated, perhaps infuriated at some important news. One thing I definitely feel proud of with this piece is his right hand: Hands have bugged me a fair bit for a couple of years now, so with a bit of looking in the mirror and some hand study I like the result I came out with for the right hand at least, although his left hand I'm still not sure about how it came out. Thumb seems okay but the rest I'm not so sure.

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