Friday, 10 April 2015

Development of Infiltrate Exploit Spread Models

    It's okay I'm not dead! But I put a lot of hard work into Infiltrate Exploit Spread to make progress with it and while I still need to tidy up the texture maps, I am very satisfied with what has been made. The legs, hatches and proboscis are all animatable and have constraints set to them.

    During the easter break I also built and mapped the Sporozoite, Merozoite, Red Blood Cell and mapped the blood vessel's interior. For rendering purposes I decided to make lower-poly models for these three since for the RBC and Merozoites I can see myself potentially using a lot of them. But texture maps are still to be considered.

    I believe I have managed ot resolve making the merozoite wriggle or slither by attaching a sine deformer which will give the merozoite the look that it is swimming like a tadpole or an eel though the blood vessel. The only main drawback (though I am keeping the derformer's inputs open) is there might need to be a settings tweak to accurately represent sharp turns.Or I could use camera tricks ot disguise them

    On testing movement by modifying the offset parameter, I feel confident that this looks convincing. The only limit is the offest has a maximum value, but this can be disguised with integer looping.


  1. Phew! Glad you are still with us ! :)
    Looking good...!

  2. This look good Mark. I couldn't help but wonder how much time this would take to render, because it look really heavy in geometry.You could try getting rid of some unessential geometry in order to slightly increase your rendering time.

    1. For the mosquito there's a lot of geometry on the areas around the hatches largely because I essentially cut holes into them. Though a test render at half resolution with two directional lights on a textured and bump-specular mapped mosquito clocked a time of 11 seconds on a computer with two thirds to half the RAM of the computers at uni. The environment the mosquito will be in will be rather pared back in terms of detail so render tiem should hopefully not be too bad.

      For the others though..I wonder whether I could remove a couple of lines on the merozoite.