Wednesday, 22 April 2015

Infiltrate Exploit Spread: The Mosquito's Arrival

     This animation was rather fun to do, especially the initial approach there the mosquito adjusts itself as it prepares for landing, something helicopters and VTOL jets to to align themselves ready for landing. It took a little tweaking to make sure the corrections didn't look like the pilot was having trouble keeping the craft steady.


    The model's textures are still, unfortunately a work in progress, but after liking the results of the chromed blood vessel tunnel I decided ot investigate doing similar with the legs of the mosquito to reinforce a metallic look. I was also drawn to the idea of a reflective cockpit window though with that oen I am considering toning down the reflectivity to keep the window dark. One advantage though is that I have less that needs being given a texture map


    I also tried tweaking the direction of the light, although I do feel that the initial angle allowed the viewer to see more.




  1. Hey Mark - I'm just wondering if the proboscis extension happens to quickly to be completely comprehensible: have you considered taking a bit more time over this key moment and perhaps not trying to do it all in one camera shot? I can imagine you breaking that sequence down into a series of intercuts?

  2. Ah, Phil beat me to it! I was going to say a similar thing... it just all happens a bit fast - you could have a moment of anticipation before the insertion takes place perhaps...

  3. The end i admit feels a little rushed (a drawback to working so late) and there might be less pressure to get it right if I do what I did in my pre-vis which is to cut to a closeup of the mosquito's head just before it extends the proboscis. I did think to myself last night if the camera's approach to the proboscis was a little choppy.

    Regarding the speed I felt it was more appropriate to have the proboscis "punch" the skin, literally giving impact. I might try experimenting with different speeds though.

    1. There might be less pressure to get it right if I do what I did in my animatic, sorry.