Tuesday, 14 April 2015

Infiltrate Exploit Spread: Texture Progress

Progress with texturing is fully underway. While owrking on the Sporozoite's texture map I discovered what a difference to texture a very tiny amount of monochramatic noise can do to alleviate the fine-plastic-smooth look, and it could do something impressive on the bump maps as well.

Aside from the length of the cap (which I am now thinking could be a little darker) the high and low-res maps came out pretty well.
This could probably do with a little tweaking around the ridges.
Note that while this image uses the refined texture map, the old bump and specular maps are still in place.


  1. good stuff, Mark - just remember to review your posts after publishing - notice the spelling mistake of *exploit* in the the post title...

  2. ...and *working* in the first line...