Wednesday, 22 April 2015

Infiltrate Exploit Spread: The Merozoite's insertion

     It took longer than I thought it would to construct this stage, largely because of my attempts to perfect the workings of the light that would come out of the hole that would open up to let the merozoite inside. My mai nconcern so far is that due to the present tunnel setup, it is somewhat dark in the renders that include the environment. To alleviate it I could add a light that focuses on this one object pairing, a dim one, so as not to interfere too much with the present highlights. The source of it is likely because the red blood cell is facing the wrong way to the spotlight that illuminates the far side of the tunnel (which this thing is approaching)

1: That's not really supposed to happen, but easily fixed by keyframing the light.

2: Lighting with nothing really inside save for a spotlight or an area light doesn't appear to work very well.

2: Added a surface shader to a flat square underneath the opening but this is far too bright.

3: By lowering the out colour and out glow colour I can have much more control over the light's intensity

4: By changing the out glow colour to 100% red I get a very creepy red glow from it.

5: The slight downside is that the surface shader doesn't appear to render the light that may come from regions invisible to the camera

6: Restored the area light underneath to answer my issue but the stoppage point is too sudden.

7: Like with the surface shader, by altering the intensity integer and the light colour I can get a more gradual light.

8: Still got the issue with "light bleeding though the hole" but this was fixed by turning it off.

9: Sinister light, which would be white at this stage in the final render.

10: A nice creepy red light as the merozoite prepares to settle in

11: The initial light would be white, but would change after the Merozoite goes some way inside.

12: I think this might be a fair balance.


  1. yep - liking the drama here, Mark!

    1. The use of red was Danny's suggestion and I feel confident that, yes it works very well. Although image 10 reminds me a lot of HAL 9000, which I am really sure is coincidental.

  2. It's looking really neat! Keep it up : )