Saturday, 11 April 2015

Infiltrate Exploit Spread: More Interiors

    With the exterior of the mosquito mostly out of the way I turned my attention to the other major components of the composition, which today was the interior of the Mosquito. Although I used the same basic shape, I also want to keep it distinct from the blood vessel interior so that the two can be differentiated at a glance. So for the mosquito I stuck to dark tones, a less orderly geometry and looking less clean and organised and more sharp. For these pipes I plan to use a texture map similar to the body of the sporozoite to show these are cables or tubes hanging off the side. Test renders at 50% resolution clock in at 1 minute 16-18 seconds.

    The segmented nature of the construction means I can duplicate and extend the tunnel to however long I need.

    The first shape idea is a simple tunnel with bulging sides. Nothing too complicated and easily repeatable. Though this does man there is no real end unless I put a solid cap on the end.

    The second hape idea is giving the tunnel a bit of a bulge, with the connection to the rest of the body being at the very back. Perhaps the bulge in the middle demonstrates how this is an organ in the mosquito's body. The buldge could also fit in line with how the Mosquito's abdomen (where the gut is) narrows and tapers at the rear end.

    The third idea is a development of the second, only this time giving the bulge a bit of a bend to it which the abodmen does in the model and to some degree in real mosquitoes.

    This is the current wireframe for the template.


  1. Looking very H.R Giger. Good job.

    1. I see it as a good way to connect the parasites with the environment they'd use as a transit vector.