Thursday, 16 April 2015

Infiltrate Exploit Spread: New Material Testing

It was suggested to me that I should find a way to make my materials look more like metal. Taking this advice in hand I experimented with a chrome shader to get a metallic look.

First use was...not great, a lot of depth but far too much contrast
Managed ot clean a lot of it up but I still wanted to go further.

I added a light behind the camera in an attempt to illuminate the blood vessels that would travel down it.

I wanted to tone down the hotspot dominating the right-hand wall so along with the second spotlight I added an ambient light and toned all the other lights down

Wasn't entirely satisfied so I tweaked the specular intensities of the shaders

Okay now I think I am on the right track.
I think it was a very good decision to look into the chrome shader as it has given me some very satisfying results. Adding a second light I think has also helped bring everything out as it has given me extra rim highlights.