Tuesday, 14 April 2015

Infiltrate Exploit Spread: Soundscape Search

    When I made my animatic I came across some music that while interesting was probably not the most appropriate. As was suggested I should probably see what is preferred as the last two attempts at choosing an appropriate soundscape have been less than perfect. Not one to shy from delving deeper I loooked into the creator's profile to see what she had and found a few tracks of note, although there were less than I thought that switched the beat dramatically at the one-minute mark.

My preferences are leaning towards "Road Trip Through Installation 04", "Invading a Submarine" and "Waypoint A", with the former two being my personal strongest favourites for the soundscape.


  1. I like 'Invading a Submarine' for the action-feel, but I also like 'Planet Hopper', as it has that annoying little buzz that a mosquito makes in the middle of the night, when it's searching for your blood....

    1. I think I might go with "Invading a Submarine". but "Planet Hopper" sounds more passive, more subtle, a more accurate key to how malaria can linger within the body and wither it gradually.

      Although the pacing in my current concept might not fit with this "slow and quiet but sinister" approach.