Tuesday, 20 October 2015

Character Project: Lion Appearance testing

  With a few concepts down I decided to draw up some appearance concepts. I've largely kept the design simple and wanted to keep a couple of details consistent such as the use of black and white, a strk eye and some markings that hilight the features of the face. I was drawn a little to covering him in patterns to contrast the core of the body and follow on the swirling patterns that are the beast's hair.

  Originally I had considered a black smoke mane but I am torn now that I see how intense a white mane looks on a black (or dark) body. I think bce blue eyes give the impression that this creature is a negative, that it is a mirror to the colour of the rest of the world. It's definitely going to stand out in a world of vivid greens, browns, dark blues and reds.


  1. 8 and 5 would be my choice dude.

    1. Do you think 9 and 10 might look better if the body was a tar- rather than a charcoal-black?

      I might test this.