Monday, 19 October 2015

Character Project: Nian Design Elements

  After doing some work on the adventurers I decided to look back at Nian, the monster lion spirit that is the central antagonist of the game. I took into account what Justin said about shape. This is a powerful, monstrous, spiteful creature so I thought to myself that the design needs to have a lot of squares and triangles to accentuate the creature's strength and hatefulness. I looked back on how the mane could be represented as an artistic form of smoke to either make it seem more frightening or link it to the Sha. I also looked into how I could make the eyes terrifying. In colour I imagine them to be quite bold, golden or silver. But I wanted eyes that would chill a viewer but also link with the elements of the character. So as well as detail around the eyes I also looked into how I could make the pupil intimidating; spirals, concentric circles and even a 4-point star.

  Just to see how it would fit with the rest of the character I did a little experimentation with a forked tongue. 3 is not to bad but I think I exaggerated the tongue too much on 4. The more chaotic manes (11, 4 and 10 for instance) I think make the creature look more threatening whereas the orderly nature of 21 makes him look regal rather than imposing.

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